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As a leading Canadian insurance company, our experts at Deerborne handle thousands of home insurance policies for people just like you, and can help ensure you are getting the coverage you need. We have access to a variety of different insurers, providing you with the most affordable options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of having home insurance?
    Imagine losing your house to a fire or storm without any home insurance. The financial burden and stress you would experience would be life-altering. With home insurance, you’ll receive financial aid for any losses due to theft, fire, wind damage and much more. Having home insurance also gives you liability coverage, which protects the homeowner from legal and financial liability should a person get injured on your property. Depending on your insurance plan, it can also protect your detached structures such as your garage, shed and fences.
  • How much insurance do I need for my property?
    Home insurance does more than protect the home itself. You should have enough insurance coverage to protect all your belongings, including your clothes, furniture, electronics, jewelry, and other valuables.
  • What do I do if my basement is flooding?
    Turn off your electricity, shut off the water source and locate the source of the flooding. Contact us so we can immediately begin filing your claim.
  • How can I protect my home from a fire?
    Check your home’s smoke detectors including the batteries. Be sure to clear your home’s surroundings of debris and combustible materials.
  • How can I get a home insurance quote?
    Contact us or call us at (416) 223-9000.